Find Freedom

Adults and Young Adults (15+)

“We all are following a path in life; by choice or obligation. The test is to find the best way to walk through it and come out the other end wiser and happier despite the bumps and turns”, Carolina.

Whichever your path I can help you discover your full potential; reach transformation and find the answers that you need in order to enjoy your life journey.

I help individuals and businesses:

  • Finding life purpose
  • Gaining confidence
  • Achieving specific objectives
  • Clearing long or short term life blockages
  • Solving work or personal dilemmas
  • Improving your focus and concentration to achieve clear objectives
  • Coping with major turning points in life
  • Recovering inspiration and motivation to live a happier life
  • Coping with school/university examinations
  • Developing young adults in their learning journeys – School and extra curricular activities
  • Preparing young adults for adulthood life


I use methods such as NLP (Neuro-Lingustic Programming), Reprogramming and Transformational Therapy.

Fees and time: 1 hr First Chemistry Consultation is FREE to find out your needs, explore if Life Coaching is definitely what you need and if we are both happy to work together. After this, our sessions can take up to 2 hrs and are £75. There would be a minimum gap of 2 weeks before we meet again. Time for reflection and action is required between sessions.

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