Life and Learn offers you a space to learn to communicate accurately and confidently in the Spanish world.

We open every window and every door possible to immerse ourselves in the language and enjoy the learning journey.

Learning a language is not just putting words and grammar together. It is opening a new world of opportunities. Opportunities to see new cultures, meet new people, live new experiences.

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About the tutor

Life and Learn was created by a language tutor who has over 10 years of experience teaching a great variety of students, all ages, professions, backgrounds, mother tongues, and learning difficulties to name but a few.



Carolina is very good at breaking down subjects with helpful trips and tricks so that by the end I was also able to self-study effectively.

India Grant

Carolina has been an amazing tutor – I had the opportunity to participate in two of her classes – one at university over spring classes then privately over summer. Carolina is very patient and has an amazing teaching methods which suit every level.

Sarah Sedjelmaci

Carolina is an excellent teacher and never fails to make lessons great fun as well as thorough and informative. I would not hesitate to endorse her.

Sue McDougall


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