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Terms and Conditions

1.2. Definitions

‘The Company’ refers to LifeandLearn.

‘The Client’ refers to the person in whose name the booking is made and will include the person or persons on whose behalf the same is made.

‘The Tutor’ / ‘The Coach’ is the person supplied by the Company to the Client for the purpose of tutoring the Client.

‘Force Majeure’ refers to any event outside the Company’s control which prevents the prompt performance of its obligations, including premises facilities failure, civil disturbance, natural disaster, etc.

A ‘Lesson’/ ‘Consultation’ is one scheduled session of tutoring/coaching. It may be in-person or online. It may last for varying lengths of time depending on the specific agreement between the Company and the Client.

A ‘Course’ is comprised of one or more Lessons.

1.3 Agreement Acceptance

These terms and conditions are between the Company and the Client(s).

The knowledge of the existence of these terms and conditions is exclusively the responsibility of the Client and they are considered as understood and accepted by the Client upon submission of any form on the Company’s website.

Once the client agrees to start lessons/consultations with LifeandLearn, whether it is agreed via phone, email, post or in person, this is considered as a binding contract.

1.4 The Company services

The Company offers language teaching services in a suitable location and mutually convenient both for the Tutor/Coach and the Client. Generally this means the LifeandLearn classroom,  the office of the Client or a public place for private or group lessons, or online for online lessons.

1.5 The Company obligations

Once the Client has pre-paid for any lessons/consultations, LifeandLearn is committed to providing the service that the Client has contracted, following these terms, and published on our website.

1.6 Rights of the Company

The Company reserves the right to accept, limit or decline requests for the services offered.

The time and date of the lessons/consultations should be agreed upon mutually, and these should be worked out according to the following time frames: from Monday to Friday between 8am and 9pm, and Saturday to Sunday between 9am and 5pm.

1.7 Rights of the Client

The Client has the right to propose the place and time of the lessons/consultations, but this agreement should involve a consensus with the Company/Tutor.

The Client has the right to cancel or reschedule any private or online lesson/consultation, within the guidance of next clause.

1.8 Rescheduling or cancelling

Notice of cancellation or rescheduling of a scheduled lesson for any reason must be given by email, text or phone call to the Tutor or the Company more than 24 hours prior to the lesson.

Lessons/consultations rescheduled or cancelled (or where a Client fails to turn up) with less than 24 hours’ notice will be billed to the Client at the usual lesson/consultation fee, or subtracted from their lesson/consultation bundle balance, (unless there are medical documents to support the need to change).

Regular cancellations by the client, or that which the Company perceive as unreasonable, will be considered cause for termination of contract.

If the Client is late for a lesson/consultation, the Tutor/Coach may choose to, but is not obligated to work beyond the scheduled end time, and the lesson will be charged at the usual price, whether or not the Tutor/Coach works beyond the scheduled end time.

If a Tutor/Coach is late for a lesson, the lesson will be discounted pro rata, or the lost time will be made up at a mutually convenient time for the Client and Tutor/Coach.

Should the Tutor/Coach not be available for a scheduled lesson/consultation, an alternative (optional) time will be offered to the Client and will be agreed mutually.

1.9 Prices and payments

For current prices please refer to the Company website:



Prices may be modified without previous warning by the Company, and this modification will apply only to new lessons, never lessons already purchased.

The payment of your bundle should be carried out at least 24 hours in advance via bank transfer.

No lesson/consultation is confirmed, and therefore may be moved or cancelled without warning, until payment has been received.  

Unless agreed in writing with the Company, no cash or cheque payments are allowed. 

Once payment has been made, the Company cannot give any kind of refund, be it total or partial, for the service acquired (unless there are medical grounds and documents to support).

1.10 Bank Holidays

Private and online lessons shall not be offered on bank holidays, unless mutually agreed in writing between the Client and the Company and / or Tutor/Coach.

1.11 Attendance

Attendance is the complete responsibility of the Client. If a Client does not attend a lesson/consultation, the lesson/consultation cannot be made up at another time. Refer to clause 8 for exceptions.

  1. Notices

2.1 Minors and vulnerable individuals:

The Company endeavours to ensure the suitability of any Tutor/Coach supplied to the Client by only supplying qualified Tutors/Coaches who have been thoroughly screened, have recent and satisfactory CRB/DBS checks and references.

The Tutor/Coach is engaged by the Client only to provide tuition and is not responsible for the safety, welfare, wellbeing and care of minors, or for the protection of any person’s property. In the case of Clients under the age of 18 years, a responsible adult (other than the Tutor/Coach) should be present at the premises at all times during which the TutorCoach attends for tuition/consultation. Parents/guardians who choose to leave their child alone with the Tutor/Coach during the tutorial do so of their own free choice and at their own risk.

2.2 Liability

Neither the Company nor any of its Tutors/Coach are liable for any loss, damage or injury arising out of or related to the provision of tutoring/coaching services by the Tutor/Coach.

Although we do everything in our power to help our clients language skills improve, we can offer no guarantee thereto. The Company is not responsible for any examination or test grade, level or score received by a Client, or for any consequences resulting from that grade, level or score.

2.3 Data Protection

The Client, Tutor/Coach and Company agree that they will not disclose any confidential information concerning the Tutor/Coach, the Client or the Company to any person for the duration of this agreement and after termination of the agreement, save as required by law, court order or any governmental or regulatory authority.

The Company and/or Tutors/Coach will not sell, rent or distribute any Client information to any third parties.

The Company will publish promotional material / newsletters which may include class photographs and testimonials with the client’s consent but writing, via any written form, ie: email, text, letter.

The Client records are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation, May 2018.

This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties submit

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