– Emily S – 13h May 2021

“My journey at Life and Learn began over two years ago and I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment. The passion and energy Carolina brings to the lessons always makes them diverse and interesting, as well as furthering my Spanish ability. Moreover, her love for languages shines through each lesson and she is so encouraging every step of the way, especially increasing my confidence in listening and speaking Spanish. Carolina is a caring and compassionate teacher and I will always carry with me the many lessons and values she has taught me. I cannot recommend Carolina’s lessons enough”

– Alexandra B – 9th February 2021

I started online lessons with Carolina in September 2020 and I only wish that I had taken the plunge earlier. Carolina has been so engaging in our lessons, always finding novel and interesting ways to explain difficult topics; we even did a cookery lesson to understand the imperative tense (while making a delicious Spanish dish in the process!). I have struggled with my confidence in learning a language in the past and do not have a natural affinity for language-learning however Carolina is very patient and encouraging and has improved my confidence a lot. I am often heard telling my friends and family that they too should get lessons with Carolina as she is fantastic! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Carolina – she is a very professional, knowledgeable and fun teacher

– Suzanne C – 3rd February 2021

“I have been taking Spanish lessons with Carolina for over a year now. Carolina is a brilliant teacher. She has an infinite knowledge of pedagogical skills and ideas on how one can learn Spanish. She always gives me tips on how to immerse myself into the language and find ways of learning quicker by suggesting names of books, podcasts, and films that will enable me to listen and read in Spanish at my own leve. Our lessons were not affected by lockdowns, as Carolina is fully equipped technologically to deliver her lessons in the best way she can. In fact, she has made the most of the lockdown by organising online quizzes and cooking classes in Spanish apart from the normal lessons. I highly recommend Carolina as one can surely progress swiftly in becoming proficient in Spanish

– Carina V – 18th January 2021

“Carolina has been teaching me Spanish for a year and a half now and I would not hesitate to recommend her! She is very in tune with the student and flexible with going at their pace of learning and their particular goals. Her lessons are dynamic and interactive, whether in person or via Skype – including cooking lessons, roleplaying situations and always incorporating speaking, listening, reading and writing. This makes a huge impact on motivation to learn and self study! She is clearly very experienced in her subject and passionate about it and skilled at teaching every level of Spanish. On top of this, she is also a warm, friendly person who cares about her students’ wellbeing and is always smiling. Gracias Carolina!”

– Susan B – 23rd September 2020

Carolina is very good with my son, he feels comfortable to learn and happy to do the work. Carolina made Jack want to engage with Spanish again ready for his GCSEs that he will take in 2022. I am very happy so far with the approach and the feeling I get from Jack after the lessons

– Jamie G – 11th September 2020

“Our 14 year old daughter was tutored for 5 months by Carolina in preparation for taking her GCSE Spanish.
Our daughter immediately felt at ease with Carolina and they struck up an easy rapport. Consequently she always enjoyed her lessons- important for anything extra-curricula.
We chose to concentrate on grammar and writing and my wife (a native Spanish speaker) could see a clear and steady improvement.
Because of lock-down we went from in-person lessons to zoom style conference calls. These worked fine.
Overall we were delighted to find a tutor of Carolina’s calibre who also clearly understands the particular requirements of GCSE teaching.
Unfortunately Covid-19 ultimately meant that GCSE exams were cancelled this year, however we will reengage with Carolina later in this new academic year to reinitiate the lessons.
Based on this experience I fully recommend Carolina to anyone looking for a Spanish tutor

– Ellen F – 8th May, 2020

My boyfriend and I have really enjoyed the lessons we’ve had so far with Carolina. So far we have used Skype to have virtual lessons and it has been pretty faultless. She has a very holistic approach to learning a language, encouraging us to read, watch and listen to Spanish outside and inside class. She has been particularly helpful in framing classes to help us for when we go away to South America. Thanks Carolina!

– Angelie M – GCSE Higher Spanish – 27th June 2019

“Since joining Carolina’s Spanish Classes I have learnt so much! From basic verbs to complex conjunctions, I am learning Spanish that will not only help me in my GCSE’s, but will stay with me forever. During my classes, we indulge in interesting yet effective activities, which are always useful. Highly recommend Carolina!”

– India B – GCSE Foundation Spanish –

“I have been tutored by Señora Carolina for a few sessions now and they have been so amazing! She really challenges my way of learning but it makes it fun! I always look forward to going to the class because of the positive ways of learning. I have learnt so much that I didn’t know before and look forward for the next sessions to come!”

– Moremi L – GCSE Higher Spanish

“Carolina is an excellent teacher. She is engaging and passionate and makes our lessons so much fun with cooking lessons, wine tastings and trips. If you want to learn Spanish but in a fun environment then look no further!”

– Dan and Natasha H

“I began learning Spanish with Carolina as a complete beginner last year. Carolina is a fantastic teacher. I found that she taught us everything in a very sensible order and at a good pace for our understanding.

After one course with her I left with a comprehensive understanding of the present tense and its irregularities as well as an introduction into the past tense.

I found that Carolina mixed grammar and vocabulary seamlessly in a way that was both engaging and helped me to learn. Carolina is very good at breaking down subjects with helpful trips and tricks so that by the end I was also able to self-study effectively.”

– India Grant

“Carolina has been an amazing tutor – I had the opportunity to participate in two of her classes – one at university over spring classes, then privately over summer.

Carolina is very patient and has an amazing teaching methods which suit every level. She is flexible, committed and passionate individual. Carolina involves but also motivates everyone that takes her class.

I highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn or improve their Spanish. I look forward to join and be part of Carolina’s next group she is teaching!”

– Sarah Sedjelmaci

“Carolina is an excellent teacher and never fails to make lessons great fun as well as thorough and informative. I would not hesitate to endorse her.”

– Sue McDougall


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