Spanish – English – Spanish Translation Services

Professional and accurate translations.

Our translations are certified: We write a declaration that states that the translated document is a true and accurate translation of the original, stamp it with our ink stamp and sign and date it.


Please note that the rates are offered as a guide only and subject to final quotation. These rates do not include certification fees.

Standard Rate:

Spanish into English

£100 per 1000 words

Minimum Charge: £45

English into Spanish

£110 per 1000 words

Minimum Charge: £60

Discounts may be available for non-technical translations, large volumes, regular work or flexible time-scales.

Surcharges may be levied for urgency, complexity of layout and other variables.

Please note that some countries may require you to legalise your document via the Legalisation Office. This step must be completed before translating. They will include an apostille which will need to be translated too. 

Please see more information on legalisation at:

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